Minneapolis Freeway Fantasy

This fantasy freeway map of Minneapolis was drawn in 1947 by Hermann Olson, Planning Engineer for the City of Minneapolis for several decades, ending in the early 50s I think:

He was almost entirely wrong.  The only freeways on this map that were actually built were the beltways, which ran through mostly open land.

If instead of fantasizing about freeways, Mr. Olson had dreamed up streetcar tunnels, this city would probably look very different.



3 comments on “Minneapolis Freeway Fantasy

  1. […] the action and provides useful details.  For example, the route of I-94 originally followed the design of City Planning Engineer Hermann Olson through the Seward neighborhood, crossing the river around 26th Street, but was detoured to its […]

  2. […] it helps to consider the history of this trench.  Sometime around the middle of the last century, someone decided that it took too darn long to drive from Downtown to the U of M.  There was just too much […]

  3. […] called my effort Hermann Circle, after Hermann Olson, longtime mad City Planning Engineer for Minneapolis whose initial sketches for Hwy 62 included roundabouts at intersections (or at least one did).  […]

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