Pedestrians prohibited on

Today on I examine Bloomington’s latest bungle. Bloomington is the suburb I lived in the longest, it has some really nice topography for the Twin Cities that great parks like Hyland, Moir, and the Minnesota River recreational area takes full advantage of, and it has some decent bones in terms of the integrity of their street grid. But man do they fuck up a lot for pedestrians. See for yourself on my post (or I suppose you could go to Bloomington and walk around, but then you might die and I’d feel bad).

Oh yeah and I tacked on this graphic for some reason:

Because all of these signs are bad for pedestrians except the No Turn on Red

Loring Greenway, this is your life! on MinnPost

Respectable citizen Andy Sturdevant has generously provided me space in his weekly The Stroll column on MinnPost to rant about an area near and dear to my heart, the Loring Greenway. This figment incarnate of Al Hofstede’s imagination is not interesting, but it is highly livable and walkable and spurred a degree of private investment unmatched by any other single piece of infrastructure within the city limits, with the possible exception of Nicollet Mall. For these reasons I believe it to be worthy of emulation, as I finally get around to arguing in my MinnPost piece. As a special bonus to those who tolerate a feed subscription to Getting Around Mpls blog, here is a map I made quick of potential Loring Greenway emulators:

Thanks Andy and MinnPost!