Question everything

So this week (Tuesday the 15th at 7pm to be precise), urbanmsp, the Minneapolis Bike Coalition, the U of M’s Interdisciplinary Transportation Student Organization and Minnesota Urban Studies Students Association, the League of Concerned Cyclists, Minneapolis Swimmers Against Swimmer’s Itch, and NASA are hosting a mayoral candidate forum on transportation. We all know how it will go – two hours of cracker jack talking points about streetcars and cycle tracks. In the interest of not being bored when I show up out of obligation, I’ve come up with some questions. With these questions comes a challenge: can you top them? My questions suck of course, but are yours any better? Prove it, post them in the comments on! Anyway here goes my dreariest queries:

  • What will you do as mayor when a proposed piece of infrastructure that is a critical link in the city’s bicycle network is opposed by neighbors?
  • What does your ideal bus stop look like?
  • What is the number of your favorite bus route and why is that bus the best?
  • Should Metro Transit stop accepting cash fares on-board and why or why not?
  • Is it better to have most bus routes converge downtown or should they be arranged in a grid?
  • What is the value in retaining a bus route network structure that is nearly identical to the streetcar network?
  • What makes a street complete?
  • What is the primary purpose of a street?
  • What role should induced demand play in street design?
  • Is Minneapolis walkable and what makes it so?
  • What is your favorite restaurant to walk to?
  • How important is it to connect Minneapolis’ non-motorized transportation network to the networks of the surrounding suburbs?
  • Is it generally better for retail business parking to be accessed from a street with a curb cut or through an alley?
  • From a transportation perspective, what do you think makes Nicollet Mall successful or unsuccessful? What can be done to build on its success or improve on its failure?

Show me up! Stump the candidate! Post your questions at!