BURP #666: Things that go BURP in the night

5 pm Tuesday October 30th!

Relatively little precipitation

Clubhouse Jäger!

923 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis

2-4-1′s on Domestic Taps & Rail Drinks till 10 (!)

Every kid’s favorite holiday is Halloween.  You may not get a day off school, but you do get to stay up late, and you get to wear face paint, run around the neighborhood and push the doorbells of all the neighbors your parents usually tell you to stay away from.  And best of all CANDY!  The best Simpsons episodes!  More CANDY!

When you’re a grown-up, beer is your candy.  And talking to other nerds about urban planning is your Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.  So, in honor of the most scawiest howiday, we’re having the most scawiest BUWP evew at Minneapolis’ own drinkable castle, Club Jäger.  I hope you can join us… IF YOU DARE!

Yet another reference to a 90s TV show

BURP #5: Green means BURP

A green light to ponder the existence of this green light, and thence to ponder your own existence, and thence to give up and get a beer with us

5 pm Thursday May 31st!

Approximately 66°

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps & $5 flatbread pizzas till 6

Why do we exist?  Why do green lights exist?  How can Aster Cafe exist as a commercial enterprise and yet sell their delectable products at such a low price?  Would Eden Prairie even exist if the Twin Cities had built a rapid transit system in the 70s?  Ponder all these questions and more with the automatic-shift philosophers of the Minneapolis-St Paul chapter of the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP) at our semi-irregular gathering at Aster Cafe on Thursday May 31, starting at 5pm and lasting around two hours, or until we drink too much.  You’ll recognize us by the largish 1971 map of Dayton-Hudson retail facilities in the Twin Cities metro, presuming Aster lets us put it up and it doesn’t blow away.

BURP #4: A People’s BURPium

According to Mayor Rybak, city taxpayers will only be on the hook for upkeep of frothy head, with the Vikings paying for the body of the malt beverage

Tuesday March 13th!

The Republic of Seven Corners

Seven Corners, Minneapolis

BURP has moved to The Republic due to a competing nerdfest at Aster.  If you’ve read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, by all means go to Aster.  If you’d rather have a heated discussion on the capability of major league stadiums to foster urban development, the topography of parking lots, or the propriety of legislating transit fare increases, please join us at the Republic of Seven Corners.  They also have cheap booze and food.




The old BURP digs are getting a bit threadbare, our lease is running out and we sure could use a few more skyBURPs to throw parties for our playboy buddies.  We’re not saying BURP is going to move to LA, but if you don’t come down to Aster Cafe The Republic of Seven Corners Tuesday evening sometime between 5 and 7, we’re not promising we’ll stay in Minnesota.  Ok, to be honest, where else would we go?  But we’d love to see you there on Tuesday anyway, especially if you are able to use existing sales taxes to pay for our drinks.  We will also accept an expansion of legalized gambling to pay for our drinks, but we’ll kinda sorta feel bad about it.  Skol BURP!

The author of this blog would like to issue an apology for his use of beer mug clip art.

BURP #3: Another Forking BURP

Courtesy of Bill, a poke

Tuesday October 11th!

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps till 6 (flatbread pizzas $5)

At the beginning of October, the shortening days lead happy hours to get a little less happy and a little more spooky.  We’re going to hijack this trend and instead send happy hours in the direction of nerdy.

The Aster Cafe will provide the venue for our discussions, and, for a nominal fee, the social lubricant.  The moon will nearly be full, the air will be crisp, and I hope you’ll be there.



BURP #2: Congress for New BURPanism

Riveting discussion at BURP #1

Tuesday June 21st!

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps till 6

We served our probation – so we’re finally free to hold a new, summery BURP (Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning) meeting at the scenic Aster Cafe in Old St Anthony, Minneapolis.  Please join us to discuss

  • pavement buckling
  • William F. Buckley, Jr.
  • fish heads
  • headways
  • wayback machines
  • and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!

I’ll be there about 5, flying my BURP flag high.  See you and your Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual there!

Time to BURP! Tonight at the Nomad

Admit it – 5:30 is about an hour after you start getting thirsty anyway.

Well if you’re reading this page and feel like a drink tonight at 5:30, come to the Nomad on the West Bank for the first-ever meeting of BURP (Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning).  Thanks to the bounteous brain of Bill Lindeke, sidewalk connoisseur, BURP will be meeting semi-periodically to talk about sidewalks, planning, the history of Cedar-Riverside, bikes, or whatever foams up.  Now’s your chance to present your plan for a metro-wide PRT system!

And, erm, next time I promise to post more than 4 hours before the start time.  Unless I’m too drunk.