too tired for a title

It’s one in the morning and I can’t sleep.  Perfect time to write the first entry in that blog I keep meaning to start…

This blog is intended to organize and develop my advocacy and ideas about transportation in Minneapolis.  That’s the goal anyway, but I expect to take many detours into local history, politics or urban planning due to my inability to draw a straight line between two points and the high likelihood that I will write most of the entries in states of insomnia or procrastination.

Back to the point of the blog:  transportation (1) advocacy and (2) ideas.

Advocacy is a fancy way of saying I want what I want not what you want.  But I like to think that what I want is the right thing to want.  So I write lots of cranky emails to various people who have gained the right to get what they want professionally.  Not sure that makes sense – but it always seemed like I spent a lot of time digging up old cranky emails I’ve sent and connecting them to links that support my crankiness.  Maybe a blog will help me dig?

Also it seems like a blog will help me focus my reaction to the things I encounter in my online or intellectual life.  Like the cheesy discussion questions at the end of the chapter in a textbook – regurgitating what you read really does help with comprehension.

The ideas are the fun part.  It will be rare when an idea I have has a chance of being brought to the attention of someone who is in a position to do something about it.  But the point is more to put my thoughts into words and thereby develop and focus them (and hopefully make some cool maps).  And a boy can dream – maybe someday more than I and one other person (hi mom!) will read this thing and will give me feedback on my idea.  At the least, I hope someone at some point will stumble upon one of the ideas I present here, think that it is an actual proposal, and leave a radioactive comment bomb.  Then I will know that I am truly making a difference.

7 comments on “too tired for a title

  1. Reuben says:

    I enjoy reading your content. Care to tell us a little bit more about yourself? Do you have any academic training in transportation issues? Are you currently a student? Or a working professional in the transportation field?

    • Thanks for reading (and commenting). I’m just a regular human with a beard who works for the government in the housing arena. Generally I’m more interested in housing, but I feel more compelled to write about transportation because it is just so bad here. So I don’t expect anyone to trust what I say, but I do aim to provide enough links that readers can find some real information about it after they’re done with my crackpot opinions. Maybe I should point out that I got my undergrad degree in Urban Studies, but I can’t remember anything on transportation planning from college – I did my senior paper on christian charities.

      What sort of things do you engineer?

      • Reuben says:

        I engineer whatever my boss tells me to engineer, heh… I work for a private Civil & Environmental Engineering consulting firm here in MPLS. I work mostly on general traffic engineering, transportation planning, signals, roadway corridor studies, etc. As much as possible, I’m skewing my career towards the design of bicycle infrastructure. I keep a bike engineering blog at if you’re interested. (It might look like the blog is defunct, but it’s not… I’ve just had writer’s block since Thanksgiving…heh…)

  2. Well, advocacy has to start somewhere. Get your ideas out there, sell them, convince people.

  3. […] have I done?  Was there any point to all this blathering and bloggering?  Looking back to that first entry, it seems I had two main goals:  first, to organize my advocacy efforts; and second, to elucidate […]

  4. Candelaria says:

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