BURP #666: Things that go BURP in the night

5 pm Tuesday October 30th!

Relatively little precipitation

Clubhouse Jäger!

923 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis

2-4-1′s on Domestic Taps & Rail Drinks till 10 (!)

Every kid’s favorite holiday is Halloween.  You may not get a day off school, but you do get to stay up late, and you get to wear face paint, run around the neighborhood and push the doorbells of all the neighbors your parents usually tell you to stay away from.  And best of all CANDY!  The best Simpsons episodes!  More CANDY!

When you’re a grown-up, beer is your candy.  And talking to other nerds about urban planning is your Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.  So, in honor of the most scawiest howiday, we’re having the most scawiest BUWP evew at Minneapolis’ own drinkable castle, Club Jäger.  I hope you can join us… IF YOU DARE!

Yet another reference to a 90s TV show

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2 comments on “BURP #666: Things that go BURP in the night

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  2. […] us BURP stands for Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning. However it is also the sound some people make after drinking too much. The state has long been a […]

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