BURP #5: Green means BURP

A green light to ponder the existence of this green light, and thence to ponder your own existence, and thence to give up and get a beer with us

5 pm Thursday May 31st!

Approximately 66°

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps & $5 flatbread pizzas till 6

Why do we exist?  Why do green lights exist?  How can Aster Cafe exist as a commercial enterprise and yet sell their delectable products at such a low price?  Would Eden Prairie even exist if the Twin Cities had built a rapid transit system in the 70s?  Ponder all these questions and more with the automatic-shift philosophers of the Minneapolis-St Paul chapter of the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP) at our semi-irregular gathering at Aster Cafe on Thursday May 31, starting at 5pm and lasting around two hours, or until we drink too much.  You’ll recognize us by the largish 1971 map of Dayton-Hudson retail facilities in the Twin Cities metro, presuming Aster lets us put it up and it doesn’t blow away.

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