BURP #4: A People’s BURPium

According to Mayor Rybak, city taxpayers will only be on the hook for upkeep of frothy head, with the Vikings paying for the body of the malt beverage

Tuesday March 13th!

The Republic of Seven Corners

Seven Corners, Minneapolis

BURP has moved to The Republic due to a competing nerdfest at Aster.  If you’ve read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, by all means go to Aster.  If you’d rather have a heated discussion on the capability of major league stadiums to foster urban development, the topography of parking lots, or the propriety of legislating transit fare increases, please join us at the Republic of Seven Corners.  They also have cheap booze and food.




The old BURP digs are getting a bit threadbare, our lease is running out and we sure could use a few more skyBURPs to throw parties for our playboy buddies.  We’re not saying BURP is going to move to LA, but if you don’t come down to Aster Cafe The Republic of Seven Corners Tuesday evening sometime between 5 and 7, we’re not promising we’ll stay in Minnesota.  Ok, to be honest, where else would we go?  But we’d love to see you there on Tuesday anyway, especially if you are able to use existing sales taxes to pay for our drinks.  We will also accept an expansion of legalized gambling to pay for our drinks, but we’ll kinda sorta feel bad about it.  Skol BURP!

The author of this blog would like to issue an apology for his use of beer mug clip art.

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5 comments on “BURP #4: A People’s BURPium

  1. Well I suppose I can give this a try…

  2. […] could be simplified, of course. At a recent BURP event where several area bloggers and followers got together for some drinks and conversation about all […]

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