No More Stadium Stuff

You shouldn’t be willing to make your opinion public without also being willing to admit you’re wrong every once in a while.  Well, I’m willing to admit I was wrong when I said that I wouldn’t write about the stadium again.  In addition, certain… facts…. came to light this morning that made much of what I wrote yesterday pointless at best and inaccurate at worst.  For starters, a site plan is out:

Very good news for 11th Ave – it seems that the stadium will merely cantilever over the roadway, expelling doomsday scenarios about closure or tunnels.  It may actually be an improvement over today’s 11th Ave, gusty with parking-lot reinforced winds.  We’ll have to wait for something more detailed to be sure, however.

Potential plaza problems remain, although apparently stealing the morgue from Hennepin County is no longer being considered.  The plaza depicted is about the same size as the Morgue Plaza I considered yesterday, but is potentially better enclosed by theoretical buildings.  A new worry, however, is this “Open Space Gameday Tailgating” loaded with so many contradictory purposes that the cartoonist just gave up and colored it green.  There is no way that a space used for tailgating will be in any way green.  Even if they use grow-through pavers, this will still be a parking lot.  Anyone who’s been to the Renaissance Festival knows what I’m talking about – what was a pleasant country meadow becomes a muddy pig sty once it’s filled with cars.  And speaking of, what the hell are those mysterious gray blobs north of the Armory?

They sure aren’t the Star and Tribune Building, which I guess isn’t historic but sure is classy.  If its destruction is inevitable it will be missed by one person at least.

Despite releasing a new summary of financing, no more details have been released, and in fact some have been obscured: parking is not mentioned in this new summary.  The ever-wary newsole has pointed out that the summary from 35W Financial uses both the words “meters” and “stalls”, implying a distinction that can be explained by assuming the latter refers to spaces in parking ramps.  I haven’t seen anything to confirm this, but if it’s true it would render much of what I said yesterday inaccurate.  In the interest of containing further inaccuracy, I’m going to button my lips about this.  Um… thanks for reading?!?!  This is absolutely definitely the last thing I’m going to say about a stadium forever I promise cross my heart.  Probably.

3 comments on “No More Stadium Stuff

  1. March 1 – We get the downtown stadium AND the Stillwater Bridge … Not a good day.

  2. Reuben says:

    The grey blobs are the new buildings that Wilf will need to build to store all of his new money.

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