A new year brings the new streets.mn

The New Year is a time for reflection, for anticipation, and for chugging bottles of champagne while wearing nothing but a diaper.  And, if you live in Minnesota and blog about how people relate in, move about, and construct their built environments, it’s a time for charging forward into a joint internet venture called streets.mn.

Streets.mn is a place for Minnesotans* to gather and gab, gossip, and share cool maps.  Lots of awesome folks who are so smart and busy that they mostly haven’t had time to update their contributor profile are writing there.

If one website isn’t enough to get your streets.mn fix, substitute with social media.  Streets.mn has made it on the Facebook and the Twitter already!  That’s twice as much social media as I can handle!  The sheer volume of urbanism will blow your mind!

Come into our parlor....

*Sconnies are also welcome on streets.mn, as long as they bring Spotted Cow to share

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