BURP #3: Another Forking BURP

Courtesy of Bill, a poke

Tuesday October 11th!

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps till 6 (flatbread pizzas $5)

At the beginning of October, the shortening days lead happy hours to get a little less happy and a little more spooky.  We’re going to hijack this trend and instead send happy hours in the direction of nerdy.

The Aster Cafe will provide the venue for our discussions, and, for a nominal fee, the social lubricant.  The moon will nearly be full, the air will be crisp, and I hope you’ll be there.



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5 comments on “BURP #3: Another Forking BURP

  1. Matt says:

    so last minute. it’s between this and a work happy hour in uptown. choices.

  2. Matt says:

    Also do we know who will be there and where they’ll be in the place? I don’t really know the real names of any of the fine folk of the TC blogosphere or Minnescraper.

    • Alex says:

      This has been a bit of a problem for previous BURPs, but I don’t think anyone has gone away without finding the group (we were even confronted by a rival urban planning drinking group once).

      Last time we sat under the giant metal sign in the corner that is to the right as you enter the street door – seems likely we’ll sit there again. (I will unfortunately be BURPing late tonight as my clothes dryer inconveniently broke)

  3. Matt says:

    what time? sorry i’m new to the burp thing

    • Alex says:

      I’m apparently new to the event organizing thing because I forgot to put a time in there. Sorry about that.

      Thanks for coming, though – it was good to meet you

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