BURP #2: Congress for New BURPanism

Riveting discussion at BURP #1

Tuesday June 21st!

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps till 6

We served our probation – so we’re finally free to hold a new, summery BURP (Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning) meeting at the scenic Aster Cafe in Old St Anthony, Minneapolis.  Please join us to discuss

  • pavement buckling
  • William F. Buckley, Jr.
  • fish heads
  • headways
  • wayback machines
  • and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!

I’ll be there about 5, flying my BURP flag high.  See you and your Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual there!

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2 comments on “BURP #2: Congress for New BURPanism

  1. Sorry I missed this … I hope it went well.

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