51% of Henn Cty car killers stay out of jail

Apparently you have to be a drunk, speeding liar to suffer any real consequences for killing someone with your car.  From the Strib article:

[Judge] Wernick said he considered giving Peterson probation, but three factors swayed him to impose the maximum four years, plus two months, in a vehicular homicide case.

Peterson was speeding and had a blood alcohol level of 0.16 percent when his car hit and killed 23-year-old Kandyce Stoffel in Minneapolis’ Dinkytown neighborhood about 3 a.m. on Oct. 24. Peterson also told police at the scene he wasn’t the driver, Wernick said.

[Defense attorney] Risk told the judge that 51 percent of the people sentenced in criminal vehicular homicide cases in the past 10 years in Hennepin County received probation.

A couple bills were introduced this session to require waiting periods for driver’s licenses for people who have used cars to kill, but neither has passed yet.  If you make such a bad mistake, why should we ever trust you again with the privilege of driving?


2 comments on “51% of Henn Cty car killers stay out of jail

  1. Matt says:

    Because sometimes there are extenuating circumstances in which the driver isn’t actually at fault?

  2. Why shouldn’t you be responsible for everything that happens while you’re behind the wheel? Even if you didn’t turn on the engine intending to kill somebody, you still provided them with something to run out in front of.

    Similarly, when I write in this blog my intention is to write reasonable, intelligent things, but I’m still responsible if I nevertheless come off as a stupid jackass.

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