The Interchange

I need to link to Hennepin County’s page on what is currently called The Interchange – The Stupid Name – a transit station on 5th St N that would accommodate heavy and light rail and buses, in addition to some other potential uses.

No one asked me, but it seems that the proposed facility will only accommodate the current demand for transit – with artificially low costs for driving – and not the demand for transit that will be seen after peak oil, the reversal of incentives for suburban living, the remote possibility that Americans will ever care about their impact on the environment.  Therefore as little as possible should be spent on The Interchange, which will be an interim facility.

In addition, any rapid transit to the North Side should take advantage of the right-of-way currently underutilized by the overbuilt 4th St Viaduct – which the most recent proposals for The Interchange ignore.

I’m posting the link because it is a pain to find anything on Hennepin County’s website – including notices for public meetings about The Interchange.

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