Roundabout facts

Just found this presentation that a MnDOT engineer gave to the Minneapolis Pedestrian Advisory Committee:

It includes a slide showing that Urban Compact Roundabouts can be 80′-100′ and have an average capacity of 15,000 vehicles per day… perfect for Nicollet Ave.

4 comments on “Roundabout facts

  1. Another nice thing about roundabouts is that you can use the central portion as a mini-park. L’arc de Triomphe is not a bad example 🙂

    • It is surprising how successful those mini-parks can be – I saw one in Tarragona, Catalonia that was always full of people, and was very comfortable to hang out in, despite being in the middle of a four-lane roundabout (I’m not sure it is up to modern roundabout standards, but it functioned as one, or actually almost like a woonerf). I will attempt to link:” rel=”nofollow”

      Your blog is great, by the way. I see only two problems with it: 1. It is thoroughly deceased. 2. Only “team members” can comment.

      • That is a really beautiful urban park!

        You know, it suddenly occurs to me: development officials and governments are really schizophrenic when it comes to walkable public places. On the one hand, they love to tout walkability when it comes to park development: “Just imagine all the happy couples with their grandparents and babies-in-strollers sauntering about the well-tended greeens!” On the other hand, when faced with the opportunity to actually build such places, they shy away. “It’ll get in the way of vehicular traffic! People will get run over! It will be a hangout for hobos–er, homeless, er–home-challenged people!”

        (Glad you enjoyed the blog; I locked out comments awhile back because I got a lot of spam comments).

        • That is an excellent observation, and I’d speculate it results from the tendency of city officials to be idealistic, yet to shove that idealism aside when confronted with the paranoia and nimbyism of the electorate.

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