Myron Orfield interview – Dissecting the Met Council

Another Steve Berg work of art:

On Monday, Steve Berg interviewed Myron Orfield and Thomas Luce for his excellent Cityscape column for MinnPost.  Orfield ascribes the accelerated expansion of the exurban fringe of the Twin Cities metro to the failure of the Met Council, starting in about 1994, to not use their regulatory power to manage growth.  As he puts it, “…we have the strongest structure in the nation to shape growth. But we choose not to use it.

This choice to not do their job has important consequences, including, as Orfield says, “[making] it harder for low-income people to get to work,” but also reducing the inner cities’ tax receipts, reducing their ability to pay for inclusionary streetscapes such as those advocated on this website, which unfortunately many in city government still consider luxuries.

The interview is here.


One comment on “Myron Orfield interview – Dissecting the Met Council

  1. […] This all comes back from his article today, which follows on the response from his article Wednesday of the last three Met Council chairmen to the comments of Myron Orfield in his article Monday (which I posted about Tuesday). […]

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