Streetcar tracks through the fountain

For an amazing example of the ability of streetcars to be the most aesthetically-appealing form of transportation, see this fountain in Oslo, through which streetcar tracks are routed:

Here is a link to a brochure by the company that made the jets for the fountain, which wisely turn off when a train is coming through.  This is what they look like when full:

The moral of the story:  when the public works engineers say it can’t be done, don’t believe them!

Edit:  I’m trying to get the google streetview link to work:

3 comments on “Streetcar tracks through the fountain

  1. btw the site the photos came from is a pretty brilliant exploration of lrt sytems around the world:

  2. […] I consider this design to be the IKEA of fountains – it’s so typical in Europe that in Oslo they run a tram through it.  Just like the fountains in the existing design both define and enclose the plaza – they are […]

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